Engineer Planning & Design

Ball Maritime Group specializes in identifying problems and presenting unique solutions clearly and concisely in order to meet our Client’s needs. Our preliminary engineering and design phase can be as simple as a flow diagram sketch or as complicated as developing a simulation that generates mock-up data of an operation, but our focus is to incorporate our Client’s personal goals into every decision. Our careful planning is communicated thoroughly saving our clients time and money and reducing the risk of redundancy.

Construction Administration

Our engineer services during the construction phase of our projects include tailoring the design formula to the contractor while maintaining our client’s objectives. Whether working on a maritime infrastructure project, a railway terminal or administrative facility, we streamline the process by utilizing technology to reduce cost overruns and stay on schedule.


We have more than 20 years of maritime engineering experience including projects for marine infrastructure and equipment, railways and rail yards, and warehouses and site development. We also offer conceptual planning, engineering services, and construction administration for state and federal agencies and are licensed in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Our due diligence, conceptual planning and design expertise allow for clear communication with our client so that projects can be completed successfully.